Why Am I Pivoting to goal accountability coach?

I started rethinking what I wanted to do in my business about a month ago. I know my passion is to help people reach their goals. So, I decided to pivot two weeks ago to only offering goal accountability coaching! Allow me to back up and define what it means to pivot. 

To pivot means shift or change your focus and strategy. The dictionary definition of pivoting is a turning point.

Pivot concept with hand pressing a button

Now that I decided to pivot, I’ve needed to go back and rethink who my ideal client is and what I need to do to reach and service that individual. I have interviewed this past week on a podcast: Inspired Women Amazing Lives by a business mindset coach and a marketing mindset coach. I had many “AHA” moments and walked away with homework. One “AHA” was that I need to step back and rethink who exactly is my ideal client. Then, I need to redo my website content to speak to these individuals. Here link to the podcast: https://inspiredwomenamazinglives.com/podcast/episode-53-special-segment-business-breakthrough-with-sonya-ray/

Feature on podcast Inspired Women Amazing Lives

I will be documenting my journey as I feel it’s important to show how I succeeded and how it made me a stronger goal accountability coach. 

Please comment with any questions you have about my journey or goal accountability coaching.

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