Get It Done Virtual Assistant Services


 Get more done when you hand off tasks!! Book call for full details!

  • Call hosting management
  • Executive assistant services
  • Systems set up and support
  • Research
  • Social Media management 
  • Schedule management 
  • Email and Direct message management 

Hourly and retainer packages available. Book call now to discuss service details.

“I highly recommend working with Sondra and hiring her as your Virtual Assistant. She is efficient and organized, easy to work with making projects more enjoyable. She contributed to our team in powerful ways, coming up with time and money-saving solutions that were easy to implement and made a significant difference in our profitability. Sondra is the perfect partner for you and your business if you’re looking for peace of mind and the ability to carve out some time and freedom for yourself. You can trust your business in Sondra’s hands knowing that Things Get Done!”
Joseph M'Mwirichia