Sondra is a Goal Accountability Coach who helps her clients every step along the way from clarifying their zone of genius to celebrating their success and tweaking plans as needed. While her primary focus is goal setting and accountability, Sondra also helps her clients get things done! From managing social media to setting up systems, Sondra’s philosophy is to help her clients gain momentum immediately until they are ready to hand off ongoing tasks to other specialists. This helps her clients shorten the gap between setting and achieving their goals. Sondra’s unique approach helps her clients get things done more quickly and with less stress.

As a mom of 5 with 2 bonus kids, Sondra has learned how to manage time and many goals simultaneously. Sondra is so passionate about accountability because it has helped her achieve major health, family, and career goals. Sondra admits that 10 years ago, she was a much different person. In fact, even 2 years ago, you wouldn’t recognize her. Stressed, busy, trying to do too many things at once and not effective at any of them, Sondra held herself accountable and took back control of my life, and now she helps others to do the same!

Sondra’s top three personal and professional achievements include:

  • Losing over 100 pounds!
  • Helping her children get through college; relocate from state to state; purchase and settle into their new homes; and get married and have children.
  • Growing her business from part-time to full-time to leave her 9-to-5 job.

Working with Sondra

Sondra knows that her clients have their own personal dreams and professional aspirations. Many of her clients became entrepreneurs to make a difference. They didn’t get into business to stay in the same place. They are committed to their vision! They’re creative, driven, and good at what they do. Still, tasks keep piling up. Sondra partners with goal-oriented, solution-driven entrepreneurs who thrive when someone holds their feet to the fire. (But in a gentle, non-judgmental way.) Sondra helps her clients identify their strengths and weaknesses and also helps them prioritize which fires to put out and when, until all of a sudden, there are no fires, and their focus shifts to working together on their next set of goals!

She ascribes to the cheerleading motivational coaching style, working with you on your strengths and how to use them. Sondra builds a trusting relationship with her clients, and will also give you tough love when needed to keep them focused on their goals and take action to realize them.

Keynote Topics

Sondra speaks to various size groups about motivation, mindset, goal setting, and accountability. Several popular topics  include:

  1. Goal Accountability

  2. The importance of setting goals

  3. Action plans

  4. Reviewing and celebrating your wins!

  5. Motivation

  6. Mindset

  7. Brain dumping

  8. Achieving success using goal accountability