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Hello and Welcome! I am Sondra Ray.

Thank you for stopping in.

First of all, I’ve been right where you are.



Trying to do too much and too many things at once, and not fully effective at any of it. 

I was employed full-time in a job that took it’s toll on me both mentally and emotionally. 

I was depressed and miserable every, single, day and wasn’t able to give the best of my self to my family because of it. 

I ended up NEEDING to take a medical level of absence to focus on my health and the health of my daughter. 

The worst of it was, I felt hopeless.  I just couldn’t see a way out of the forest.
Sondra Ray, virtual assistant

Sometimes we do something out of necessity that starts you on a journey…

Out of necessity, I took on some sideline work as a Virtual Assistant helping business owners and quickly booked my first clients.  

Recognizing a need I could fill, I offered services as an Accountability Coach and it turned out to be something I enjoyed immensely.  The prospect of being in business for myself and serving people in a way that I could see made a significant difference for them lit me up. 

I had stumbled upon something that I truly enjoyed, that I had a natural talent for and that made me feel good…and my clients benefitted as well.  Happy clients make good business.

business coaching

Today, I partner with goal-oriented, solution-driven women helping them tie commitment to results in their businesses. Together, we strategize and create manageable action plans designed to achieve their growth goals with greater efficiency to improve productivity and increase their profitability.  

I offer a customized coaching experience – tailored for each individual client and follow a simple and powerful 3-Step Process: 

First, we develop a vision for your ultimate success centered around your growth and profitability goals

Next, we and create a plan to achieve those goals – mapping out the steps you’ll need to hit them 3 months, six months a year, even five years out

Finally, we co-create solutions and action guides to hit those targets, evaluating and planning along the way.

goal planning

How awesome would it feel knowing you have a plan in place and a step-by-step Accountability Partner along the journey to get you from where you are to where you want to be – with all the systems and facets of your business running smoothly and reaching your goals?

If you’ve finally had it with feeling like you live in chaos and are constantly flustered, with all that has to get done in your business. 

You want all of your systems and processes organized, and working together. So you can get to the real business of making more money.

I’d be delighted to help you strategize and map out a profitability plan that’s right for you and for your business. 

The BEST part about it…

I am with YOU every step of the way…

YOUR Get it DONE Coach!!