My favourite tools to use for my business!

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We all have our favourite business and organization tools to get things done. I thought I would share some of my favourite ones for running my Virtual Assistant (VA) business:

I prefer to use Trello as my organizational tool for both my business and personal organization. I have also set up Trello for goal accountability client management. Here is the web page for my goal accountability services:

Dubsado is my client management system. I love that I can set up the apt calendar, invoice, and manage leads and clients. I use workflows to automate next steps, thus freeing up my time.

I use Zoom for video conferencing. It’s a simple and straightforward tool, offering free recording if needed.

I utilize Siteground for web hosting and I appreciate how straightforward it has been to get my website up and functioning.

Toggl is my timekeeping tool and bonus, the free version has enough features to keep me organized and on top of reporting.

Gsuite is what I primarily use for documents and storage. I use google docs, google drive and spreadsheets primarily. I also like Google Keep for simple note-taking on the go, and the features allow you to share the notes, making things like meal planning and shopping lists easier on the whole family.

I use Pixie Kit for social media strategy and content ideas. I love how its updates monthly with current hashtags and strategies for multiple platforms. 

I enjoy learning new tools and keeping current on the ones I utilize most often I hope to share some of my resources, can help you understand more of what services I offer as a VA, and also show you a few of the choices on the market to get and stay organized and accountable!!

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