Get It Done Services

The “Get It Done” intensive

Get it done

A winning formula for radical success in your business -30 Days-$397

  • 3 Private Laser Coaching Sessions
  • A general evaluation of your business processes
  • A customized strategy, co-created and designed to achieve
  • Easy to follow, actionable steps to streamline systems, maximize efficiency and increase profitability
  • Ongoing e-mail support and accountability
  • Customized for you and your unique business
"I have enjoyed working with Sondra over the past three years. Sondra is easy to talk to and has incredible listening skills. What I've loved about working with her is that she's constantly teaching me new tools to use.  Her 'Brain-Dump' Journaling exercises was extremely helpful with getting all of my thoughts out of my head to bring about peace and tranquillity so I could finally move into a relaxing meditation, or more importantly, get a good night's sleep. While I was working with Sondra, I even achieved a weight loss goal, and I attribute that to the Accountability factor. It's easy to sneak a snack and lie to myself about it, but with an Accountability Partner involved, my level of commitment was taken to a whole different level just for the simple reason that I didn't want to let her down. Sondra has motivated and inspired me to success and I appreciate that she keeps me honest."
Danielle Bellant

The Radical Achievement Business Intensive

3 or 6 Month Packages available - $1,500

This winning formula for radical success in your business is entirely customized to help you achieve the results you’re after: more clients booked, increased profitability, efficiency and better use of time, streamlined systems and processes. This intensive and comprehensive program is designed to obliterate all procrastination and move the needle in your business from Flatline to ‘Fantastic.’

  • 12 private laser coaching sessions-either 2 or 4 per month-your choice
  • A comprehensive evaluation of your business processes to determine what’s working and what needs fixing
  • Project prioritization and task management so we can tick things off your list first
  • A customized strategy, co-created and designed to achieve your growth goals and create success habits that support them
  • Simple, easy to follow, actionable steps to streamline your systems, maximize efficiency and increase your profitability
  • Ongoing e-mail support for accountability, goal-setting and regular debriefing to determine next steps and stay on track to hit your targets
  • Customized for you, your goals and your unique business

The ‘Get It Done’ Mentorship Program and Virtual Concierge Services

Monthly Choose your level of Mentorship, Virtual Concierge Services or Mix and Match to create a program tailored for your business. Need more or less, let’s chat about it, but here’s a general breakdown.
  • 2 Private Laser Coaching Sessions, 2 hours of VA services, or one of each – $250
  • 3 Sessions or 3 hours of VA services, or a mix depending on what you need – $375
  • 4 Sessions or 4 hours of VA services, or a mix – $500

Once we have all of your systems and processes working optimally like a well-oiled machine and your business is ticking along, you may find you need less coaching and more virtual concierge services. You may find you need more of each to keep on track with your growth goals. With this program, we can customize a plan that works best for you and your unique business.

This is a fantastic way to set monthly, weekly and quarterly goals and stay on track to hit them. We’ll co-create solutions and design an action plan. I can help with implementation and execution as your Virtual Concierge and Accountability Coach.


  • Debriefing
  • Resources as needed
  • Ongoing E-Mail support

Still not sure?? Not a problem at all. Let’s chat about it and see if we make a good team. You’re invited to a virtual tea or coffee chat so we can talk strategy, goals and accountability.

"I highly recommend working with Sondra and hiring her as your Virtual Assistant.  She is efficient and organized, easy to work with making projects more enjoyable. She contributed to our team in powerful ways, coming up with time and money-saving solutions that were easy to implement and made a significant difference in our profitability.  Sondra is the perfect partner for you and your business if you're looking for peace of mind and the ability to carve out some time and freedom for yourself.  You can trust your business in Sondra's hands knowing that Things Get Done!"
Joseph M'Mirichia
CEO 24 Inspired Media