Tie commitment to results!

You have taken the first step towards success by coming here.

Now it’s time to take the next step: commit to getting it done.

Although every client has different needs, the process is the same.

Next it’s time to celebrate the wins, adjust next steps, then rinse and repeat.

How will we work together? 

The GOALS framework guides our way:

G – Get clear on your goal
O – Outline the bite-sized tasks and your plan
A – Act on your plan and be held accountable
L – Leverage progress for future goals
S – Success — celebrate every win!

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Get It Done “A-La-Carte” Coaching

You choose to spend our time focused on one of the following: 


Brain Dump

Get out of your head! We can talk about your ideas, issues that need resolution, tasks necessary to complete projects, and create an organized list that will help you take action and move forward

Goal Setting

Gain clarity and get specific about what you want to achieve and when you want to accomplish it so that you can measure your progress and realize your goals.

Systems and Process Analysis
Once you have clear goals in place, it’s time to create the systems and processes that allow you to efficiently and effectively implement. Together we will look at your systems and evaluate where they need to be to advance and accomplish your goals.

$175 (90 minutes, one-time session)

Get Unstuck 30-Day Coaching Program

Get unstuck and gain momentum in 30 days.

Are you stuck in your business or personal life? Is there a particular project you are stuck on? Are you struggling to achieve your goals and complete what you’ve started?

Work with me for one month to get unstuck and gain momentum.

Through active listening and creating a step-by-step plan that plays to your strengths, I will help you determine the resources you need to accomplish your goals and provide you with accountability and positive support every step of the way.

What does this coaching package look like?

  • Your first 60-minute session will focus on a conversation about one sticky point
  • We will brainstorm a plan on how to resolve issues and/or ways to research solutions to move forward
  • Determine the resources you have available and any that may also be necessary do they have already to use 
  • Your second and third sessions, 30 minutes each, will provide you with accountability to assess if the solutions are working as expected and evaluate if you are executing the outlined plan.
  • Your second session will be scheduled one week after the initial meeting. Your third session will take place two weeks later.
  • During your second and third sessions, we will celebrate wins, tweak your plan, and determine if any additional resources are needed.

$299 Package

Get It Done Intensive Coaching

When you are committed to setting goals and then achieving them through consistent action you are ready for Get It Done Intensive Coaching Services. We will set clear goals and develop an action plan to achieve them and then meet weekly to evaluate your progress and make any adjustments to the plan as needed on an ongoing basis. You will receive the accountability, support, and coaching you need to continuously improve your productivity, create systems in your business, and achieve success.


What does this coaching package look like?

  • Weekly Private Laser Coaching Sessions
  • Clarity and goal writing support
  • Action planning for each goal
  • Unlimited goals
  • Ongoing online accountability platform for tracking, support, and encouragement
  • Customized for you and your unique business
  • Full support on the platform from your coach
  • Accountability through virtual co-working sessions with your coach is available for one month free and at a discounted rate if you choose to continue.

$600/month, weekly 1:1 coaching sessions (90-day commitment)

The Get It Done Concierge Services

Includes everything from get it done intensive PLUS 10 hours of implementation for the month. This package is a white glove service with limited availability.

Starting at $1,000 (90-day committment)

It starts by booking a call

“My favorite thing about working with Sondra is that she always see the bright side of every negative situation. She is able to help me maintain a level head when I became overwhelmed. Her accountability helped keep me in check and stay motivated to finish and accomplish what I had set out for the day. One thing she really helped me accomplish is learning that it is important to add self care into my routine. Once I had implemented that into my daily routine it created a domino effect that helped me with maintaining the rest of my goals.”
Selenia Sosa