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My name is Sondra Ray and I am Get It Done Coach!

Do you make a goal and fail to meet it and you know accountability is the answer – you need someone to hold your feet to the flame, and maybe even take some tasks off your to-do list so you can spend your time in your own zone of genius. My passion is helping business owners reach their goals. With weekly accountability meetings and a customized action plan, I’ve helped numerous CEO’s achieve the BIG goals they desire.  I am the organized, detail-oriented VA you can count on!

Helping You Tie Commitment To Results!

“Sondra has been the missing piece to my organization puzzle. I am a Business Strategist and can teach anyone to plan out their business but had a hard time with running 3 companies keeping myself on task. Sondra was the one thing that keeps me going each day. The accountability and organization she provides this busy CEO is EVERYTHING to keeping me on task and successful every day.

Danielle-Ceo DG Marketing and Consulting, Be Boss Girl, and more

Mission statement: I partner with goal-oriented, solution-driven women helping them tie commitment to results in their businesses. Together, we strategize and create manageable action plans designed to achieve their growth goals with greater efficiency, to improve productivity and increase their profitability.

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