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I partner with goal-oriented, solution-driven women helping them tie commitment to results in their businesses. Together, we strategize and create manageable action plans designed to achieve their growth goals with greater efficiency, to improve productivity and increase their profitability.

Get It Done Coaching and VA Services.
Helping YOU get results in your business.
Together we will GET IT DONE!

Your business is your baby.

You’ve put everything into it: your time, your money, your heart and even your soul, and you do it for the very best reasons.

You’re passionate about it.

You solve problems.

You help others.

You’re making a significant difference in so many powerful ways – all with the intention of hitting your growth goals: more clients, more sales, more profitability.

More revenue in the bank means security, prosperity and more freedom for YOU to enjoy life.

Yes. I get you, and I know that you didn’t get into business to stay in the same place.

Long term sustainability and growth is on your mind, but what do you do when the day to day grind of building your business is consuming your time, sapping your energy and draining away your vitality?
How can you focus on the really important parts of business ownership: booking more clients, making more sales and scaling on?

Simple. You hire a personalized business strategist and get those items ticked off your ‘To Do’ list.

“Sondra has been the missing piece to my organization puzzle. I’m a Business Strategist and can teach anyone to plan out their business but had a hard time keeping myself on task with running 3 companies and the demands they put on my time. Sondra was the one thing that kept me going each day. The accountability and organization she provided this busy CEO is EVERYTHING! She kept me on task and successful every day so I could focus on meeting deadlines, growth opportunities and profitability.“
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Danielle Ralston
CEO- Be Boss Girl and more…

Sondra Ray,
Your “Get It Done” Coach and Virtual Concierge

Helping you tie commitment to results in your business and providing you with exactly what you need to Get It Done FAST: A Step-By-Step Action plan tailored to your growth goals, ongoing encouragement and excuse-free accountability so you can:

  • Optimize your valuable resource: Time-get more done in less of it!
  • Strategize and plan for your success and prosperity
  • Streamline your processes
  • Optimize your efficiency and be more effective
  • Organizing your priorities
  • Manage your projects
  • Achieve more of your growth and profitability goals
  • Improve your Work-Life Balance and spend more time with those you love
  • Oh…did I mention this one: Make More Money!

Don’t believe it’s possible? No problem. I don’t believe every business is the same, so let’s have a chat about it first. You’re invited to take this first step toward partnering with me. We’ll discuss what you’d like to achieve in your business, what’s working well, what needs fixing and if we’ll make a good team. Best part…it’s complimentary and obligation-free.

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“My favorite thing about working with Sondra is that she always see the bright side of every negative situation. She is able to help me maintain a level head when I became overwhelmed. Her accountability helped keep me in check and stay motivated to finish and accomplish what i had set out for the day. One thing she really helped me accomplish is learning that it is important to add self care into my routine. Once I had implemented that into my daily routine it created a domino effect that helped me with mainting the rest of my goals.”
Selenia Sosa